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These little jars are self contained spells! All you have to do is charge them with intent! This can be done by sage smudging, cleansing them under the moon, letting them be one with your altar, or simply just telling it your specific intention. They each contain a small enchantment inside with coordinating items.. stones, herbs etc. that will enhance the spells magic! They are then sealed with coordinating wax to seal the spell, so mote it be.

Each one is made with white magic, love and positive intentions. And although the enchantment is sealed inside, I printed out a little card that tells you what each one is intended for.


*Magikal Makings or owner will not be held responsible for results. All Wish Jars are intended as an aid and not a replacement for medical advice, therapy or other practices contingent with a healthy lifestyle.


** Please note, item pictured is a stock photo. The jar you recieve may appear different in color or charm style. The intention of the jar will always match the description and talismans used. Please contact me if specific color or charm is needed.

"Open to Love" Witch's Wish Jar

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